Why not Eko?

We know ekologiskt or organic food is the best choice for reducing the number of pesticides used in the environment and to help save our bees, but what about all the surplus food that has been grown using conventional farming methods? 30% of the food we grow goes to waste, with fruits and vegetables at the highest wastage rate of 40-50%

Folkets Pops is more ‘logiskt’ than ‘ekologiskt,’ meaning we would rather make an impact on the wastage rate of surplus food than be picky about what we save. Freezing fruit into delicious pops extends the life of the fruit and reduces the amount of food being thrown away. We prefer locally grown seasonal produce, which reduces the strain of transportation on the environment, and most importantly because it tastes the best. Imported fruits are also saved because it would be a shame for all of the energy that went into bringing it here to go to waste in the end.

For our other ingredients we try to be as organic as possible. Cream pops are made with local organic dairy and we use fresh eggs from frigående hens. The chocolate is always fair trade. This is how we try to make the world a little sweeter. Goodness sure tastes great 🙂