Our Story

What’s your favorite flavor?

Folkets Pops was created after spending the better part of the worst summer in 155 years complaining about the serious lack of popsicles to be found in Sweden. Where, oh where, were my beloved frozen fruity snacks? Popsicles, ice pops, ice lollies, icy poles, paletas, icicles, isglass… whatever you call them, Folkets Pops do it better.

Our frozen fruit pops are hand made in Malmö with fresh seasonal fruit, garden grown herbs and just enough Swedish beet sugar; no artificial colors or flavors. Our fruit based pops are naturally vegan friendly and our non-vegan cream pops use local organic dairy. Folkets Pops is local, sustainable, and naturally delicious! Look for the pop-cykel peddling pops around Malmö this summer. Follow @folketspops for daily locations and flavors.

Folkets Pops is committed to sustainable living and eating. Ever wonder what happens to the pears that weren’t quite pretty enough? Or the ripe juicy strawberries that just don’t make it on the menu? Instead of being sorted and thrown away, we buy in these perfectly good ingredients and magically transform them into beautiful and delicious frozen fruit pops. Because we’re all beautiful on the inside.

We at Folkets Pops care deeply about the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Our delicious frozen fruit pops would not be possible without all the hard work of our favorite fuzzy pollinators, and they are in danger. For every pop purchased 1kr is donated to Naturskyddsforeningen to help save our bees, and that’s the bee’s knees.

Pops for the people!